Dave Hargiss (Hargiss Stringed Instruments) on the guitar above performs a concert with his band in the North Building in the 90's. The venue at the time was called Common Grounds. For more on the history of the building click here


What will you name the new space? 

The Citylight Arts Project (CAP) is our temporary name for the vision while we work on a long-term branding process. 

How will CAP relate to Citylight Benson?

The Citylight Arts Project (CAP) will become a 509(a)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt, Type I supporting organization. This status offers significant advantages, including the eligibility to receive large grants from private foundations and others. We believe that creating a separate nonprofit organization will better carry out certain aspects of Citylight Benson’s cultural mission than the church can do by itself and ensure that the church leaders are able to stay focused on the overarching mission of the church. Whereas Citylight Benson will approach the cultural mission through the spiritual direction and care of the church, CAP will approach this cultural mission from an artistic-creation standpoint where values of creation and creativity will foster community outside of typical church parameters. 

How will CAP be led? 

As a 509(a)(3) Type I supporting organization the CAP Board of Directors will be appointed and removed by Citylight Benson Church. The church will maintain a top-level accountability relationship with CAP’s leaders to ensure continued alignment of the entities’ missions.  

However, the CAP Board will have the power to control operations (e.g., bring in new tenants, raise and spend funds, create programming, hire staff). Though CAP’s Board is subject to Citylight Benson’s oversight, they will have day-to-day control over CAP’s affairs. 

The CAP Board will meet monthly with tenants and Community Partners to build relationships and collaborate on how to use the space each month to best serve the needs of the neighborhood.